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The branch line from Manningtree to Harwich Town has been christened The Mayflower Line.

Services from Liverpool Street station in London are now operated by one company — a company called One, in fact. But travellers should beware: so far as tickets are concerned, a distinction still exists between the old Great Eastern services (now called One Great Eastern) and the old Anglia Railways services. So make sure you know what trains you’re allowed to use with the ticket you have bought. Virtually all of the trains that run to Harwich International, and all services to Harwich Town, are run by One Great Eastern.

Download timetable (PDF file) Download timetable (PDF file)
Service updates Service updates*
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* Including cruise ship connections
QJump QJump
The Train Line The Train Line
National Rail Enquiries Online National Rail Enquiries Online
Die Bahn Die Bahn (mainland Europe)

For planning individual, more complex journeys, including those abroad, four specialised web-sites have been included at the bottom of the table.

One railway, formerly One Great Eastern’s contact details are given here, along with the e-mail address of their customer services department and the front page of their web-site.

'one' Customer Services Centre
Grosvenor House
112-114 Prince of Wales Road
Enquiries: 0845 600 7245
One Railway (one Great Eastern) customer services
One Great Eastern web-site One Railway (One Great Eastern) web-site

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